May I interest you in a new alarm clock?

alarm clockOkay kids, I’ve had enough. The rants roll on through my mind, but they’re not the whole truth. Sure, I am bothered by the utterly whacked drivers around here who somehow mostly manage to avoid death despite the cellphones glued to their heads while banging u-turns going the wrong way into a one way street.

Sure, I am bothered by the petty gossip and manipulation and lies that make up our working social structure. Sure, it pisses me off that so many kids don’t seem to give a damn about anything but self-gratification.

And, yeah, it disturbs me on a deep level that the absolute idiot got re-elected and now I have to witness my country being driven to financial and moral bankruptcy so the war profiteers can bankroll their seven generations of inheritance.

The truth is, it breaks my heart.

I have been both gifted and burdened with a heart that doesn’t seem to have a shut-off valve. I think my Grammy is responsible for that because she had one, too. I am a ridiculous optimist, a true believer in the good of humanity… a lover of love and damn the repercussions. And I can no longer let things escalate into oblivion without attempting to wake the good people up.

C’mon guys, WAKE UP! We can do it. I know we can.


One response to “May I interest you in a new alarm clock?

  1. I guess I’m lucky: I too am a ridiculous optimist. But I come equipped with a shut off valve. I can Check Out at will and make for Pluto — and I do.

    Oh yes I do.

    Thanks for the link!

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