Poughkeepsie Journal–Radioactive material found near plant

August 5, 2008

Radioactive material found near plant

By Greg Clary
Gannett News Service

BUCHANAN — Radioactive strontium 90 has been found in trace amounts in a monitoring well next to Indian Point — the first time the isotope has been detected in off-site groundwater since workers discovered a spent fuel pool leak three years ago.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is expected to speak with county officials and others in an afternoon conference call today with Entergy, so the company could detail the preliminary test results it found during routine well sampling on the property, according to NRC documents obtained by The (Westchester) Journal News.

Entergy Nuclear, which owns and operates Indian Point, has been working to stop spent fuel pool leaks that have sent water containing strontium 90 and tritium into the Hudson River.

The test results show strontium levels that are less than 1/16th of federal allowable limits for drinking water, the well tested was not for drinking water.

NRC officials said it was the first time since the leaks showed up in 2005 on the Indian Point property that strontium 90 had showed up in off-site wells.

According to the documents, Entergy officials believe the sample showed the traces of strontium 90 because the most recent test are conducted with a more sensitive analysis, not because of increased levels of radioactivity.

NRC officials said they are fast-tracking a portion of the sample that they took during the test, to check the results as quickly as possible.


4 responses to “Poughkeepsie Journal–Radioactive material found near plant

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  2. Harry Springer

    The nasty stuff from Indian Point is under ground, where it can’t get you.

    The nasty stuff from fossil burning plants is in the air, and goes inside of you, through your mouth, nose, and ears.

    Once in there, it nasties up your life with goodies like lung cancer and emphysema.

    So be happy, and learn to love the bomb.

  3. Well, Mr. Springer… why didn’t you let the folks know where you were writing from? I was lucky enough to see the IP address you’ve written from, which happens to be from my least favorite organization in the fine state of Louisiana… ENTERGY CORPORATION.

    How much are you willing to put on the line to defend your statement that the “nasty stuff from Indian Point… can’t get you”?

    I can prove the statement FALSE with several clear examples, and you know I can.

    Nice try, Harry… but you work for an evil corporation still trying to downplay the risk we all face at their profit.

  4. Hey Harry, I went looking to see what kind of a marauder you were… and you weren’t hard to find with Google.

    An employee — perhaps former, now — at Indian Point… right?

    I wonder if you have ever seen the children born in Belarus… not twenty year ago, but NOW… whose tumors are so large that they have encased vital organs and can therefore not be removed.

    Harry, this is TWENTY YEARS after the accident at Chernobyl. Would you want your grandkids exposed to what these kids in Belarus are being mutated by? How could you dare to defend it?


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