Giving thanks… and 4-claw lobster

In this season of giving thanks, I give thanks to WordPress and this little blog they’ve allowed me to create.

There was a period of time, not too long ago, when I worried that I’d end up as one of those mad folk who plaster their walls in news clippings… and rant about the state of the world. Thank goodness, I found an outlet for my shock and awe that did not include wallpaper paste or scotch tape!

While taking a short break from packing boxes – perhaps one too many boxes – of books that I’ve hauled from home to home over the last many years, my urge to scan today’s Globe was too much to resist. I am, admittedly, addicted to the Boston Globe. Lucky for me that (despite the obvious advantages it would have had in the midst of preparing to move to simply recycle the damn thing) I chose to do so or I might have missed this little gem:

4-claw lobster caught and released

A lady lobster with four claws was pulled from the deep this week in the waters off Newport. With a large crusher claw and three pincher claws – instead of the usual one – the crustacean was unlike anything lobsterman Patrick Marks, 39, had ever seen in his 14 years catching the creatures. All of the lobster’s excess appendages worked. Marks, of Portsmouth, trapped the mutated animal about 60 miles south of Newport and hauled her up Monday. Marks told the Newport Daily News he sometimes lets lobsters go out of guilt when they look at him funny. So after showing off the multiclawed lobster for most of the day, he let her go. She weighed 1.5 pounds and could have sold for $7.50 retail. (AP)


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