Entergy would like you to believe this is unrelated to an aging plant

Nuclear reactor malfunctions, shuts down at Indian Point.

Breakdown is second problem in two weeks
Indian Point nuclear power plant
Times Herald-Record
Posted: May 28, 2009 – 10:39 AM

BUCHANAN – A nuclear reactor at the Indian Point power plant in Buchanan automatically shut down this morning due to a malfunction. This is the site’s third unplanned break-down in three months.

According to officials with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the problem occurred around 5:30 a.m., when “a high vibration condition was detected on a main feedwater pump” in reactor Unit 3. The malfunction triggered a “high-level alarm,” then a turbine trip, then the reactor trip, said the NRC, in a statement.

This is the second time in two months that Unit 3 has malfunctioned. Plant operators manually tripped the reactor on May 15 after a main feedwater regulating valve in a steam generator failed, resulting in rising coolant levels that could not be controlled.

Read the rest of the story: http://www.recordonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090528/NEWS/90528021

Nuclear power is NOT a safe answer to America’s energy future. It is expensive, dangerous, and an immoral burden to leave on our children.

the nuclear plants are old and failing


3 responses to “Entergy would like you to believe this is unrelated to an aging plant

  1. Actually, it is directly related to the age of the component that failed. However, Entergy had several spares on hand, and its redundant twin is a new unit, so now that system will get T W O (count ’em), 2 new units in redundant safe operation.

    Your mistake ( trick?) is to equate trivial , expected malfunctions with some sort of catastrophe, which they are not. Niether are they a leading indicator, pointing up the road to an unseen disaster, just around the bend.

    There is no bend. Straight ahead, with 2 new units, Indian Point will trundle on, lighting millions of homes, like it has day in, day out for 35 years. It is 40 years younger than the GW bridge, and the bridge seems OK.

    The Kensico dam is 106 years old. Expect it to crumble on our heads next week? No? Why not? Because its not “Nucular”, so it has no demon juju voodoo spell powers to excite pubescent dreamers with catastrophe-lust? I think that’s it, in a nutshell.

    ( watch the reply be centered on that last word…. snark commandment #93)

  2. Harry Springer

    Hmmmm…. no comments yet?

    Not much traffic here at “Wake the Hell Up”?.

    Yes, Indian Point is aging, just like you are. Just like Hoover dam, and the GW bridge. Just like the Croton & Kensico dams in New York. Just like democracy in the USA.

    I’s say Entergy better wake the hell up and hire a few more maintenance mechanics, to handle all the trivial breakdowns we now expect.

    As far as “Waking Up”…. the rest of us have awakened to our need for stable affordable electricity ( as provided by Indian Point), and grown out of our juvenile “antinook” fantasies.

    Right now, China is building 30 nooks ( and plans on 72 more).

    THAT’s the future.

  3. Dear Harry,

    I have appreciated your contributions to my blog. This last post was rather rude and far more crass than I would have expected, particularly as an online representative of your employer, Entergy.

    However, I choose to continue forward in the spirit of real debate, with the hope that we both grow a bit wiser and more educated on the issue of nuclear power… as well as everyone who may find their way here and take the time to read it.

    I ask you one favor, though. I ask for less than ten minutes of your time. (A simple search of your name on Google indicates that you spend far more time blogging against the anti-nuclear than I am asking in return.)

    Please have a look at the photo essay of Paul Fusco. He visited Chernobyl and the surrounding area on the twentieth anniversary of the nuclear accident. Many of these photos were taken in Belarus, a “presidential republic” (aka “dictatorship”) wedged between Russia and the Ukraine, where they were unlucky enough to be below “which way the wind blew” over those first few days.

    I can make a damn good argument against nuclear power from a financial perspective. There are considerable financial burdens associated with nuclear power that are misleadingly omitted from the comparisons made by those poised to profit in the short term from nuclear power.

    However, it is the devastating consequences of ONE nuclear accident that happened over twenty years ago at Chernobyl that make it impossible for me to sit quietly while the nuclear industry spins falsehood after falsehood claiming it is safe and reliable and renewable.

    Please, Harry, for the sake of understanding my argument, I ask that you watch the slideshow:


    There are 6 initial slides and then the main page is displayed. From there, click the Play link and it will advance automatically.

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