No Dirty Power for Jobs: VY Attempts Last Minute Bribe

Vermont Yankee makes cut rate power offer on eve of Senate vote

Hodes calls for plant shutdown until tritium leak is fixed

The Associated Press

MONTPELIER – The Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant is offering cut-rate power to help the state build jobs – and to try to preserve its own operations.

Plant officials on Tuesday announced the Power for Jobs package that would reserve 25 megawatts of power from the Vernon plant that would be made available for economic development projects in Vermont at 4 cents per kilowatt hour.

The offer comes a day before the Vermont Senate was due to hold a vote on whether to allow the Vernon reactor to continue operating beyond the expiration of its current license in 2012.

The aging plant has been beset with problems in recent months. Since the beginning of the year, engineers have been searching for the leak of radioactive tritium from pipes on the grounds of the plant.

Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin says he expects the 25-megawatt offer from Vermont Yankee owner Entergy Corp. will have no effect on the Senate debate set for Wednesday.

Also Tuesday, New Hampshire Congressman Paul Hodes called Vermont Yankee to be shut down immediately until the tritium leak is fixed.

Hodes, a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, said that “reckless behavior, deliberate cover-ups and unfruitful internal investigations” by plant officials have undermined the trust of New Hampshire citizens who live near the plant.

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3 responses to “No Dirty Power for Jobs: VY Attempts Last Minute Bribe

  1. i thought enexus was the company making all the offers

  2. Entergy wants to spin off its older northeastern nuclear plants into a new company known as Enexus. Thayer says the contract offer is based on the Public Service Board giving its approval to the spin off. If that doesn’t happen, Thayer says the offer is off the table. my what a difference a couple of months make!

  3. Enexus doesn’t exist yet. The offer was made by Entergy’s executive VP, Curt Hebert Jr, contingent upon whether Entergy is permitted to operate the leaking-radiation, ready-to-retire nuke plant known as Vermont Yankee beyond the 2012 date it was designed to operate for. More info here: (and a brilliant photo of Hebert appearing to gesture as if he had a gun to his head… an accident?)

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