I’m ranting about old nuke plants because I never want to say I told you so

… and here I am in New Zealand (my first home in a country with absolutely no nukes) praying that Japan can avert a total meltdown… or two… or three… in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami… and wondering what the global impact of this disaster will be… wondering which way the wind will blow.

Worst case scenario? Chernobyl times three. Need a reminder? Please, have a look at ChernobylVermont.com. Want to feel terror? Have a look at Paul Fusco’s photos from Belarus and Ukraine.

I have said it a million times, and still no one has presented a valid argument to refute it: There is NO JUSTIFICATION for nuclear power that adequately accounts for the potential risks. There is no basis for comparison that gives nuclear the advantage; NOT ONE.

From the Eurasian Review:

Japan:Nuclear Meltdown Fears With Fourth Explosion; Radiation Leak Threat

With a fourth explosion rocking the Fukushima nuclear facility on Tuesday and radiation levels at the facility gate increasing hundredfold, fears of a meltdown in Japan dramatically increase.

­In his televised address on Tuesday, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan announced that radiation had spread from the three damaged reactors in the Fukushima nuclear plant. A no-fly zone has been imposed over the nuclear plant. The prime minister has also asked people living within 30 kilometers of the Fukushima complex to stay indoors to avoid potential health risks from radiation.

Full story: http://www.eurasiareview.com/world-news/asia/japannuclear-meltdown-fears-with-fourth-explosion-radioactive-leak-threat-15032011/

From msnbc.com staff and news service reports:

Japan radiation alert: 140,000 ordered indoors

‘These are figures that potentially affect health. There is no mistake about that’

SOMA, Japan — Dangerous levels of radiation leaking from a crippled nuclear plant forced Japan to order 140,000 people to seal themselves indoors Tuesday after an explosion and a fire dramatically escalated the 4-day-old crisis spawned by a deadly tsunami.

Adding to the mounting crisis, the international nuclear agency said a fire in a storage pond for spent nuclear fuel at a tsunami-stricken Japanese power plant had released radioactivity directly into the atmosphere.

Full story: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/42084187/ns/world_news-asiapacific/

The email I got from Jim Riccio, Nuclear Policy Analyst for Greenpeace, said it best, “The simple truth is that no matter how advanced the technology and how prepared a country might be to deal with a disaster it doesn’t change the fact that nuclear power is inherently dangerous and always will be.

Wake The Hell Up


2 responses to “I’m ranting about old nuke plants because I never want to say I told you so

  1. Just found your Wake the Hell Up website.
    I look forward to reviewing every word.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. New Zealand = New Life
    Send me a note when you feel up to it.
    Best wishes and no nukes !!

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