What more than Fukushima do you need to wake up?

I kept saying, “What’s it gonna take folks, a meltdown?”

I didn’t want a meltdown. I just wanted to make the point that it would be STUPID to wait until something catastrophic happened before you thought, “Wow. She’s right. It’s really NOT worth it.”

I AM RIGHT. And we have had the meltdown. So what the hell is the problem?

There is NO justification any of you can make that is worth the potential risk of nuclear power. There is NO financial justification. Remove government subsidies and include the inevitable cost of security and storage of spent nuclear fuel and your argument is already moot. Add to that the cost of clean-up or recovery from the inevitable leaks and failures of plants operating well beyond the lifespan they were built for, and then tell show me the bottom line.

The only argument I’ve heard for years from the nuclear industry itself is that the environmental impact of carbon emissions from our return to coal would be cataclysmic. But who the hell says we will revert back to dirty coal to replace nuclear power? Seriously, what is the basis of that assumption?

What the hell happened to Yankee ingenuity? There are BRILLIANT MINDS working on alternative energy solutions now. There is no single solution to replace the power lost from the inevitable end of nuclear. But there are many options that with the appropriate resources allocated could – together – provide a suitable replacement. This is not a fast and easy solution. But it is a viable option that can be developed and improved to eventually surpass the capacity and eliminate the risk of nuclear.

This, too, is the option that can and will eventually eliminate dependency on foreign oil.

Do you doubt that America has the ability to evolve these technologies? Have you visited M.I.T. lately? CalTech? If we re-allocated subsidies for nuclear power into investment funds for research and development, we’d get there soon enough.

Stop limiting our options. Stop doubting our capabilities. Remember what it felt like to have pride in our country… not just for bravery, but for innovation. Think about the Internet and how rapidly technology evolved in so short a time.

Fukushima was the last screaming alarm after far too many taps on the snooze button. Do not go back to sleep. Wake the hell up… BELIEVE it is possible… and support the innovation that will put an end to nuclear power before it is too late.




8 responses to “What more than Fukushima do you need to wake up?

  1. Fukishima was a “Level 7” melt down, I think its the worse you can get, and no one died. The same with Three Mile Island, no one died or even got sick. The official toll at Chernobyl was around 56 dead but because it was in the Soviet Union and secretive the media can take advantage of this and make claims of millions dying. Check out the report from New York Academy of Sciences which convieniently came out after Fukishima with outragious claims regarding Chernobyl and surprise surprise, its was initiated and edited by greenpeace. It also dismisses all other reports from Red Cross, IAEA, UNSCEAR, WHO and claims they are in a conspiracy but provide no supporting evidence. It is media hype to spread fear so people are clued to there TV’s and buy their papers. People now blame the tens of thousands killed by the earthquake and Tsunami on the power plant that killed no one (two workers at the plant died from a falling beam due to the Tsunami).

    The next generation of Nuclear reactors will be based on Thorium instead of Uranium which cannot melt down making it far safer and provide cheaper electricity as it is more plentiful. You are limiting option yourself as it isn’t only renewables that can evolve to be bigger and better, nuclear can be 0% dangerous and 0% emmissions.

    I love renewables (even play around with solar energy at my home) but it can only provide 30% of the worlds energy by 2030 and that is an optimistic estimate. I hear that argument all the time about just getting rid of Nuclear and coal that provide most of the worlds energy and put all that money into renewables and hope for the best. Its a bit like whenou had the socialist revolutions in Russia and China, destroy everything whether it works or not and force pure communism on people.. All it caused was mass suffering of people and an eventual return to the basics.

    I also find it interesting that Switzerland is dropping nuclear and relying on Hydro power which is responsible for more deaths than any other energy source (over 100,000 died in one incident in China in the 1970’s). And Germany is swapping tanks for oil with Saudi Arabia and will probably be buying their energy from Nuclear powered France in future??? Funny world we live in.

  2. Just noticed you subscribe to RT, all of the anti nuclear comments I see online all are avid viewers of this “RT” channel, I think its a Russian news channel for the “Western” countries? You guys should try expanding your minds and looking at all sides of the issue. It is easy to only hear one point of view and get yourself worked up, assuming everything they say is gospel.

  3. Go look at Paul Fusco’s photography. See the children born in Belarus after Chernobyl and tell me how few were harmed. Would you wish this on your children? your grandchildren?


    Look at THAT and tell me that 56 people died, as if that were the extent of it.

    Japanese are ingesting radioactive meat and produce RIGHT NOW. Do you know the long term effects of ingesting small doses of radioactive food? Do you know what the effect of even low-dose exposure is over a long period of time? No, likely not, because there are few resources devoted to studying these effects and you wouldn’t want to hear the results anyway, would you?

    In a country like Japan where integrity has retained a very high value in its culture, the government has allocated resources to study the radiation effects on residents over the next 30 years. Is this an isolated incident?

    You can’t make the argument that the effects haven’t been so bad. YOU ARE WRONG. The negative impact of nuclear power has had a tremendous impact on the health and wellbeing of those exposed to its troubles. And that impact can not be measured immediately because the effects last far longer.

    You are in denial and I venture to guess that it is because of the isolated benefit you receive from the indusry. I’m sure throughout the atrocities of history there are those who could justify the evils because of their individual gains. Is that who you are?

  4. Go look at my Twitter account – @wakethehellup_ – and check out my news sources. I live in New Zealand. I follow news from around the globe. Again, you assume you know far more than you do. Again, you show that your opinion is limited by the blinders that you wear. You, of all people that I hope to reach with this blog, need to WAKE THE HELL UP.

  5. Hi Trish,

    I quote
    “Again, you assume you know far more than you do. Again, you show that your opinion is limited by the blinders that you wear. You, of all people that I hope to reach with this blog, need to WAKE THE HELL UP… …I’m sure throughout the atrocities of history there are those who could justify the evils because of their individual gains. Is that who you are?”

    I like how anyone with an opposite view than yours is from the dark side and are dark scientist who work under the cover of darkness in their evil laboratories underground to destroy the universe. It reminds me of George Bush’s “Axis of Evil” chant he gave the world. And no I am sorry to disappoint you but I have no evil agenda or profit from nuclear power. I believe in a mix of Nuclear and renewable.

    Radiation is always in the atmosphere and in the food we eat and in low doses it harmless. People who live in the mountains at higher altitudes get twice the dose of radiation than others (ie in Colorado, Utah, Idioh) and guess what those areas showed the lowest levels of cancer. Airline pilots and aircrews spend a lot of time at extremely high altitudes and less atmosphere to protect against radiation (they have 20 times radiation of that of the average ground radiation level). This equates to in an average flight crews working year they are exposed to 1100 chest X-rays and with no increase in cancer rates. Radiation doses below 100ms per year are not as cancerous as people think. Small doses of radiation are used to treat cancer!!

    Now before you starts salivating and take the bone and run with it I am not saying radiation is good for you and you should spray yourself, I am just responding to your question to whether I know what low doses of radiation can do, yes I do.

    See part 1 youtube below, its in 5 part though

    The amount of waste produced by nuclear power is 2 pounds (fits into a coke can) for each person compared to 50 tonnes of coal put into the atmosphere per person. Just because you can’t see the waste doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or is harmless. Not to mention thousands die each year in the coal mines, where are the news headlines and outrage when this occurs.

    Anyway, its only my opinion which some people appreciate, I hate those blogs with only sycophants 🙂

    “The wise man questions the wisdom of others because he questions his own, the foolish man, because it is different from his own.”
    -Leo Stein

  6. Don’t mean to hassle you but found an interesting video from the “RT Channel” of all places and thought of you 😉 It is regarding thorium and why it should be enhancedd just as much as renewables, just scroll down to the bottom of the page.



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  8. You are playing on the long held fears of the word ‘meltdown’. As if this is the worst most catastrophic event known to humankind. Why? Do you not truly understand or is or do you have some other agenda?

    Your point is akin with “What will it take to ban motor cars? A fatal car crash?”. My analogy isn’t even that good as hundreds are killed daily in car crashes yet you don’t call for abandonment of them? Nobody has been killed by Fukushima. Fact.

    So maybe it is you who may consider ‘waking the hell up’?

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